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Gérard Alexandre Diaconesco 

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Greenland is an island dependant on Danamark, it is situated north-east of America and largely covered with ice, its total land area of 2 186 000 km2 and a population barely reaches 51 000 inhabitants ( Greenlanders ).


The capital is in Nuuk and Greenland has many bases on its territory glossy. ( Thulé ... )

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The Greenland was discovered in 982 by the adventurer seas Erick the Red and rediscovered in the sixteenth century by the English Mariners Davis and Hudson.

The colonise the Danish from 1721. Danish Department since 1953, Greenland east since 1979 with a status of internal autonomy, but since 1985 the Greenland withdrew from the E.E.C.

The peoples of these lands are artiques " Eskimos ", people are protected, living initially proceeds of hunting and fishing, the Eskimos are nowadays often used in the Administrative Centers.

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