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The beginning of the 21st Century has ushered in a new era in planetary communications based on modern technologies such as microprocessors and all sorts of electronic computer chips, each smaller than the other. Like all modern technology, these means of communication are constantly evolving, day in and day out, at a phenomenal speed.

It seems that only just yesterday, Humanity was discovering the Gutenberg printing press, the telegraph, Bell's telephone (1876), the radio, cinema , hertzian television. Yet even while communicating with these modern technologies, manking was utilizing just a fraction of the possibilities ha had open to him.

The massive influx transistors, high-tech electronics and high-performance, ever-tinier microprocessors has enabled man to make prodigious leaps and bounds in mass media communications !

Moreover, technological breakthroughs in space exploration, such as our increasingly sophisticated, high-perfomance rockets, have allowed man to create an entire network of satellites for use in telecommunications on earth as well as in space ( communicating with the Apollo crew during their explorations of the Moon, Robots exploring our solar system, astronats living in space stations orbiting the earth, the future visit of man to Mars ( 2020 at 2030 ? )

Nothing ean stop the genius of mankind as he incessantly searches for clues to his origins and his future.

At Company Internet Council LLC, we are committed to reaching our goals, and we have available to us all the human and technological ressources necessary to do so. We are committed to providing our current and future clients with the know-how and ressources necessary to reach their goals as well.

For audiovisual communications, our technical team for shooting television and digital video footage is available. Our team is well equipped with digital and broadcast cameras and also will soon be able to shoot high-definition footage for TV HD and HDV for digital video.

For audiovisual post-production, our film editing material, geared for broadcast, is available in either digital or analogical format.

Cassettes can still be reproduced onto magnetic tape, and we also duplicate them in digital format onto CD-ROM, DVD, HDVD ... or in other digital disk formats.

For computer-based communications, we have many powerful multimedia PCs of the latest generation at your disposition in order to meet your needs in promotion, marketing, advertising, sales, etc ...

To best help you reach your goals, we need to know more about your immediate needs. Please fill out a following form with a fax, and we will respond as quickly as possible, with no commitment on your part. 


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