A history of the Internet                             

For nearly 25 years, the Internet was just an obscure communications network used by scientists, the military industries and universities. Recently, this network has begun emerging and is becoming freely available to anyone wishing to connect. If the Internet continues follow its current growyh pattern, it is predicted that each person on the planet - a population of more than 6 billion - will have access to the Internet by 2010 ( Matrix Information and Directory Services ). By the end of 1995, the Matrix Information and Directory  Services had already estimated the probable number of users of interactive services on the Internet to be 26,4 million. These users had access to some 7,7 million computers offering services such as FTP, Gopher and the World Wide Web. That number climbs to 39 million if we include those who use the Internet just for e-mail. Since there is no database of Internet users over the world, it is difficult to precisely measure the number of users of the world wide web. Today, the estimations vary quite widely, from 50 million to more than 100 million. It is interesting to note that each month, there is an estimated 10% growth in Internet usage.

The Internet is available around the world, with users on each continent, from Australia to Finland, passing through Senegal, Antartica... and Quebec, Canada, Internet use drastically increased during Autumn 1995. In November 1994, a survey by Impact Recherche, a division of Cossette Communication Marketing, evaluated that 3% of the population in Montreal was connected to the Internet. Just one year later, a new survey by the same firm indicated 11%, about 4 times more. During the first 4 months of 1996, the percentage of the population connected to the Internet varied between 15 to 21% of men and 7 to 10% of women ( Impact Recherche ). Other surveys by private firms were much more conservative, estimating that approximately 5% of the population was hooked up to the Internet. This means that in Quebec, there were anywhere from 200,000 to 500,000 individuals connected to the Internet !

According to another survey carried out in Winter 1996 by the Réseau Inter Ordinateur Scientifique Québécois ( RISQ ), the Internet users were mostly men (85%), between the ages of 25 and 44 (57%), and had completed their university degrees (56%). By contrast, in English-speaking Canada and the United Stades, Internet users tended to be from more varied environments tend to use the Internet. RISQ's survey also indicates that usage is more frequent at home (87%). Half of the responses indicated that users connected to the Internet for entertainment just as often as for job-related or academic reasons.

In general, Internet users surf on the World Wide Web between 2 and 5 hours per week. You have probably read dozens and dozens of newspaper articles about the Internet. All of this information serves to prove that the World is at your fingertips - whitch is true if you hold the keys allowing you to enter the Network of Networks.

The first step consists is to connect your computer to the Internet. You can do this through a local service provider, or through the well-known providers such aa AOL, Wanadoo ( France Telecom ), Free, Numéricable, Noos in France and Alice in Italy. Using a well-known provider shouldn' t be more expensive that the others and is often more easily accessible, with the latest resourcesavailable to its clients.

Do I have be a compter expert to start using the Internet ?

No ! Whether you like it or not, the Internet is a network characterized by certain well-defined technological conventions and international standards that are well-defined. Since the Internet was originally created by computer programmers, it still carries the stigmatism of being a difficult technology. But rest assured : current and future Internet systems offer a modern interface that is easy to use, all in a much more inviting environment than in the past.

The Internet Council LLC company on the Net

We at the Internet Council LLC are most and foremost a group of experts capable of assisting one another and complementing one another' s point of view. We also offer an interactive Forum where members, clients and other persons may post invitation to bid and requests for proposals, as well as a board where members may post detailed employment offers and requests which are immediately viewable. We also offer freelance training and coatching in information technology and communications.

In addition, Internet Council LLC is a Space for real and virtual exhibitions emphasizing the accomplishments and personal works of members and clients. This technological observatory allows us to learn about and share technological progress by measuring its sociological and ethnical consequences.

We work mutually by sharing the skills and savoir-faire of clients and members, the compensation and efforts, as well as the material, financial, intellectual, technical, juridical, fiscal, economical, social, national and cultural resources. This logic of exchange allows us to carry out projects calling for cooperation. Through mobilizing the resources of members and clients and multiplying interpersonal exchange, we are able to develop a common spirit and thus create unheard-of possibilities.


Some think strategically in order to control the entire Internet. Just like in building up Empires, their politics mainly consist of controlling communications networks and creating, to their advantage, situations of dependance with other powers, whether or not they dominate them. We are convinced that today it is more important to organize an efficient circulation of information rather than to control the Internet. Our strategy thus focuses on the creation and animation of new networks.

Becase the development of the Internet Council LLC company depends on parnership with institutions, enterprises and associations and especially on the women and men who share its ojjectives;

Because we want to become the principal observers and role-players in the information technology careers of the 21 st century by contributing our knowledge, experience and convictions;

Because the Board-Director-Foundor of the Internet Council LLC serves as an active "foundation", acting to rally together networks who are still independent;

Because the Board-Director-Founder of the Internet Council LLC is a force of communication, information and development; a cohesive, vigilant and facilitating force, as close as possible to the needs of members and clients as well as to those of Internet users in general;

Because the Board-Director-Founder of the Internet Council LLC is in charge of putting into place a practical, open space conceived as a hub between the civil society ( organizations, NGOs, ... ), local communities, administrations, and institutions as well as enterprises;

Because the Board-Director-Founder of the Internet Council LLC exchanges information and interacts whith others in the field, in the World and in certain International Confines, regularly meeting with public powers, administrative authorities, Internet user associations and enterpreneurs :

Internet Council LLC supports establishing local correspondents thoughout the world, thus developing a national and international network of trustworthy contacts, information and influence which work together to identify and even create future trends.

Role and Function of the Board-Director-Founder of Internet Council LLC 

The Board-Director-Founder is not a central power because this would distort the processes of discussion and reflection. His role is to facilitate, organize, animate and structure. He also ensures that exchanges are fully reciprocal. His mission is to reach agreement, reinforce the cooperation between participants and develop networks in order to promote and accomplish collective initiatives.

The Board-Director-Founder of Internet Council LLC brings his support and his marketing and technical knowledge in order to link together and develop the potential of different networks. Communication is created through developing intra- and extra-net platforms for exchanging information and promoting, utilizing and analyzing initiatives. This objective allows us to create an international network of reliable contacts.

We define the American Company Internet Council LLC as an organization, a renowned partnership, with a Bureau of representation presenting the ensemble of our propositions, which are :

Uniting, stimulating and accompanying a new and active community through international networks of connections, associations and solidarity, thus giving a new meaning to the new society of information technology. We want to facilitate access to means of expression for everyone and guarantee them the development of the economy and digital communication of the 21 st century.

The Internet Council LLC Company acts independently and is self-managed. Out zone of influence is determined by our geographical situation and the proximity of local communities. We possesses serious experience in the sectors of Cultural Industry, International Commerce, Information Technology and Multimedia. We encourage new ways of living and developing relationships with others, all while accepting the differences and uniqueness of each individual.

Grouping together thes Centers of Information and Communication, veritable centers of resonance, allows our members and clients to work hand in hand.

Each network that is a part of the Internet Council LLC brings its own personality and unique characteristics to the table, both supplying content and indicating tendencies. Identifying and bringing together these different sources will allow the Internet Council LLC to become, in time, a true observatory of the INTERNET.

Currently, important role-players are being identified in order to establish a preliminary network. People from the U.S.A. , Central and South America, Europe and other parts of the globe are interested by this project.


The Internet should no longer be considered a banal communications tool : it has never been just a simple way of transferring knowledge between a master and student. It was originally designed as a tool for collaboration and cooperation. Working online began as a way of sharing ressources and knowledge within a group of people - not machines - in order to solve problems and learn together.


* Each member or client agrees to respect the following rules :

* Phase 1 :

Establish work groups involving the ensemble of persons concerned, whether they be internal or external, individuals or organizations.

Organize information networks to identify and even create future tendencies.

* Phase 2 : Animation - Promotion

Put to contribution the good will of others.

Combine knowledge that is both different yet complementary, facilitate reciprocal comprehension between individuals and bring their needs to light, and develop partnerships, collaborations and synergies between them.

Persons directly concerned

* Consultants, instructors, telecom operators, Internet access suppliers, manufactures of products that contribute to the Internet, such as comuter chip cards, modems and housing for IP telephones ; programmers who develop search engines, secure payment software, and economic intelligence for the Internet ; those who produce databanks containing scientific or stock-market data ; those who produce information : newpapers, television, networks for measuring pollution ; those who produce music, video, television ; those who produce financial services : banks, insurance agents, brokers, accountants, money exchange agents ; those who offer of leisure activities : hotels, tour operators, travel agencies ; tho who work through telecommunications : tele-surveillance, phone operators, tele-maintenance ; tho who offer nonmaterial services : translators, graphic designers or other professionals advisors  : lawyers, legal representatives, financial advisors, even mediums, games of chance, mail order sales ( books, clothes, electronics... ) ; health professionals cworking with tele-medecine, patient follow-up, medication information, health insurance management and reimbursements, tele-surveillance for cardiac patients, etc...: clinical research organizations, real estate agents ( sales and rentals ), adversing agencies, teachers and students.

Our objectives

* Create a new community of Internet users

Our goal is to stimulate and support a new, active community that will give new meaning to our information technology-based society through networks, associations, community solidarity. We want to facilitate access to means of expression and promote the economy and worldwide communication.

* Create a Space for meeting others

We want to organize real and virtual encounters ( through chat-rooms, forums and videoconferences ), create a place where members and guest can debate, observe, exchange, think over ideas. We want to create non-partisan tribunes, open and pluralist, where everyone may contribute.

* Create an exhibition Space

The exhibition space of the Internet Council LLC Company is both real and virtual. Its role is to highlight the personal accomplishments and creations of members and clients.

* Develop a technological observatory

With the development of well-adapted software and increasing connection speeds, the Internet is no longer just for written communication : the World Wide Web has become true interactive media. We can finally talk of multimedia, INTERNET2 and high-speed digital video. We want to learn about and share this technological evolution in order to measure the social and ethenic consequences. We are thus an observatory of information technologies, a barometer of communications infrastructures in the 21 st century.

* Promote training and coatching

We at Internet Council LLC, with our partners and networks, are qualified to lead training and coatching sessions in information technology, adapted to the needs of the sector and responding to the demands of the market.

* Develop a permanent employment forum

At Internet Council LLC, our diversity allows us to organize an employment forum where members and clients have realtime access to detailed and qualified job offers coming from our worldwide network.

* An interface of expertise for the information technology sector

The circles and networks of Internet Council LLC constitute a group of experts capable of assisting each other and complementing one another' s viewpoints, thus refining the results of their analyses.

* Develop a permanent forum for invitations to bid requests for proposals 

We at Internet Council LLC, with our partners and networks, will initially begin by gathering invitations to bid and requests for proposals coming from public service organizations, institutions and private enterprises, whether or not they are members.