DIACONESCO Gérard Alexandre 

the new corresponding member of the american company internet council llc in 2008-2009-2010     

Diaconesco Gérard Alexandre is born at Nice ( French ) the 5 April 1940

Nationality : French

Married in 1965 papy of 4 children

French Resident in Italy at Apricale province of Imperia

Studies : level 1st. French Baccalauréat and capacity of Civil rights

Career : Monitor of wather ski and snow ski 1964-1987 in France

Professional Report Press photographer 1984-2008

Professional report of French video-television for Diaco Video and Diaco Tele Video 1986-1997

General Secretary of " Club de la Presse et des métiers de la Presse " in France Côte d'Azur 1993-1994

Assistant of French Professor Fred Forest at the University Nice Sophia Antipolis 1995-1999

ex-President of Association " Diacocyber " organisation for the Feast of Internet for French network 2000-2006

ex-President of " Internet Fiesta " for the French network 2002-2004

Journalist Member of MONACO PRESS CLUB in 2010

Journalist Member of Union de la Presse Francophone de MONACO in 2010

Broadcasting Central control-room  digital-computer television of Company Internet Council llc

Diaconesco with Christian Petron Productor  film Grand Bleu * Diaconesco with Xavier Roy President of Midem Cannes