Welcome at home Internet Council llc


We at Internet Council LLC are a team of dedicated professionals in journalisme, photography and audiovisual communication. We are specialized in using the latest digital and Internet technology available to produce new media solutions for your communications projects.

The members of our team, David, Gérard, Sandrine, Liliane, Nicolas, Bruno, Nathalie, Alain, Michel, Enrico, Thierry, Emmanuel, Jo, are directors and partners at Internet Council LLC. As professionals specialized in communications, we are inspired and impassioned by artistic and technical creativity, which allows women and men to open their horizons and go beyond their limits.

We have combined this spirit of creativy with marked professionalism to offer you bew media communications solutions using computers, the Internet, Multimedia and audiovisual technology, advertising, etc ...

We also offer professional training in using thes new media tools for manipulating digital technology and the Internet. Reach ...


Since opening in 2007, Internet Council LLC's team of decision markers, computer programmers and audiovisual technicians have been using their "savoir-faire" to develop market studies, promotions and sales materials to meet their client's need in communications. Our market studies contain numerous solutions for exploiting new media technology to its fullest extent in order to attain the best possible sesults for our clients.

These technologies are becoming more and more numeros and varied, and thez allows us to provide our clients with knowledge, experyise and support in communications, promotions, sales ... all through the Internet :

* Internet communications * On line Journalism * Websites * Domain names * Internet marketing * Internet demonstrations * Internet consulting * E-commerce solutions * Internet business * Production & post-production television * Company movies * Digital video laboratories * Film editing * Professional / vocational training * Distribution and sales of computer hardware and software ... etc ...


Internet-based communications strategies are now becoming universal in this 21st Century thanks to new media technologies and the information highway.

Company Internet Council LLC's major ambition is to develop for its future clients and partners an entire infrastructure in on line press communications and multimedia technology for streaming digital images and television via the Internet, a promising investment opportunity.

These strategies are already announcing never-yet-seen changes in many areas, notably those dealing with new media technologies and the information highway, which are in the process of overturning and revolutionizing all of our ancestral habits ...